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Our CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Systems willimprove your energy efficiency while providing an additional 20-year income stream through the government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Program. CHP benefits for enhanced capital allowance in year 1 and provides exemption from the Climate Change Levy.

Biomass CHP can be used for warehousing, workshops, process heat, underfloor heating, offices etc. If you have multiple buildings that require heat we can design a district heating network to suit your needs.

Benefits of biomass CHP.

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Investment Opportunity.
  • Useful as an education tool and for Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes
  • Less than 5 year paybacks can be achieved

Organic Rankine Cycle 

The Rankine Cycle is a thermodynamic cycle which converts heat into work. The heat is supplied externally to a closed loop, which usually uses water as working fluid. The Rankine Cycle based on water provides approximately 85% of worldwide electricity production.

The ORC cycle has a high overall energy efficiency: 98% of incoming thermal power in the thermal fluid or gas is transformed into electric energy (around 20%) and heat (78%), with extremely limited thermal leaks, only 2 % due to thermal isolation, radiance and losses in the generator; the electric efficiency obtained in non cogenerative cases is much higher (around 24% and more).


  • Efficiency High turbine / thermodynamic cycle efficiency;
  • Turbine low mechanical stress;
  • Absence of moisture during the vapour expansion, responsible for the erosion of the blades;
  • Simple start up procedures;
  • Automatic and continuous operation;
  • Simple maintenance procedure;
  • No operator attendance required;
  • Long life of the plant (> 20 years);
  • No need to demineralize water.

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