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Tri-generation or CCHP (combined cooling, heat and power), is a process of connecting an adsorption chiller and using some of the heat produced by CHP plant to generate chilled water for air conditioning or refrigeration.

Adsorption Chillers are a unique approach to save energy cost for air-conditioning and process cooling. Low grade waste heat is the driver for Adsorption Chillers rather than from large amounts of electricity like conventional airconditioners.

This continuous hot water may come from any number of industrial sources including waste heat from a CHP Turbine, industrial processes, from solar thermal installations or from the exhaust or jacket water heat of an engine or from turbine exhaust. The heat extracted from the chilled water and the heat consumed from the hot water is directed into a cooling
water system used to dissipate this energy.

Very little electric power is consumed for running the chiller, The electric power used by the chiller drives the internal process computer, a PLC, (programmable logic controller) and the intermittent running of a fractional horsepower vacuum pump. Amount of electricity is same as a handful of
old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs.

Benefits of tri-generation:

  • use unwanted heat during summer months for cooling.
  • Lower refrigeration energy costs
  • Reduced electrical usage during peak summer demand

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