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We specialise in installation of biomass heating systems, designed on a bespoke basis to our customers’ requirements. Biomass fuel is highly efficient, renewable and cost-effective.

Abel Energy have close ties within the agricultural sector and have worked with horticultural, livestock and arable farmers across East Anglia. Biomass is not only an alternative to existing inefficient systems, but as many farms and agricultural businesses are remote in location, a biomass system provides the opportunity to be less reliant on gas or oil. If you have your own wood supply, you could become entirely self-sufficient.

Biomass boilers can be used for grain drying, poultry sheds, underfloor heating and hot water washdowns in dairies. If you have multiple buildings that require heat we can design a district heating network to suit your needs.

Biomass provides a guaranteed return on investment, supported by the Government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, plus the ability to claim under your annual investment allowance.

Benefits of biomass:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Protection from gas and oil price increases
  • Carbon neutral fuel
  • Useful as an education tool and for Public Relations

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