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Containerised Biomass Plants

We specialise in installation of biomass heating systems, designed on a bespoke basis to our customers’ requirements. Biomass fuel is highly efficient, renewable and cost-effective.

Abel Energy supply biomass plant pre-fitted within a container, reducing installation time and the need for space in existing buildings (and any related building works).

The container is delivered to site with the biomass boiler, fuel store, fuel system, buffer tank, expansion vessel, system pumps and all components and pipework ready installed.

In order to comply with the Government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme requirements, we can supply and install heat meters into the container.

Furthermore, to blend in with surroundings, Abel Energy’s containers can be pre-painted or wood clad with a range of colour options.


A containerised biomass system is fast and easy to install, only requiring a concrete base on which to be placed. Therefore, this option significantly reduces the capital expenditure and building works required. Once situated, main connections to site electricity and plumbing are made, along with pipe runs to any additional buildings.

As the client, a containerised biomass system can be very beneficial to you when considering RHI (Renewable Heat Initiative). As an alternative to cascading boilers (fuelled by oil or gas), a containerised biomass system can be installed for each individual building, thereby enabling you to apply for RHI for each building, maximising payment returns and allowing easy management of the expenditure per building.

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