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Flue Gas Filtration

We supply and install a range of flue gas cleaning equipment that controls the flue gasses of biomass boilers in accordance with RHI and local authority part B permit or small waste incineration permit (SWIP). In accordance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75.Eu.


We use Selective non-catalitic reduction (SNCR) to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions within the biomass plant. Industrial Urea which is similar to AdBlue is injected into the combustion process of the boiler. The Urea reacts with the nitrogen oxide and converts it into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water.

SOX Reduction

We inject lime powder or sodium bicarbonate into the flue gasses to reduce the sulphur dioxide to a safe level. This is combined with a bag filter or ceramic filter to reduce the particulates.

Particulate Reduction.

Primary particulate Filtration.

The Herz Industrial (Binder) waste wood boilers have a cyclone filter to remove the majority of the particulates within the flue gasses. Flue gas and particles are introduced tangentially into a cylinder so that a rotational movement is obtained. Centrifugal forces carry the particles toward the wall of the vortex chamber and then to the dust collection chamber. The fine dust / ash is then augured into the ash bin of the boiler.

Secondary Particulate Filtration

We use Bag filters or ceramic filters to reduce the fine particulates to the levels set by the Ofgem RHI and the Local authority Part B or SWIP.

The filtration method used will be a bespoke design for each project and we will ensure the most appropriate system is specified for the application.

The Ceramic filtration The ceramic filtration system easily meets the RHI and SWIP criteria for particulate matter (PM)  that being  30 g/GJ, for flue gas oxygen levels corrected to standard levels this figure equates to 85 mg/m3 @ 6% O2, 62 mg/m3 @ 10% O2  and 56 mg/m3 @ 11% O2, all quoted dry at  standard temperature & pressure (STP).

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