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Funding Solutions

Abel Energy can offer a fully financed system, reducing the financial outlay of an installation and allowing the customer to stay cash positive throughout.

Finance can be offered in various ways; Operating Lease, Finance Lease and Hire/Lease Purchase. With the benefit of the RHI payment and fuel savings, a typical payback period is between 5- 7 years.  We work closely with the following finance providers; Credo, Lombard Green and the Carbon Trust.

A further alternative is an ESCO (Energy Supply Contract); a financial arrangement whereby a separate company takes complete responsibility for the biomass system and you, the customer, purchases heat on a 20 year fixed tariff. No financial input for the system is required, and at the end of the purchase heat agreement, the system becomes your asset. 10 year ESCO arrangements are also available.

Further details of funding options can be found here: Biomass Funding Solutions

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