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Ben Burgess

Ben Burgess are expecting an annual return on investment of 17% achieving a payback period of 5 years

The Background 
Ben Burgess have been servicing the Norfolk agricultural community since 1932. The business has grown from strength to strength and now has 6 depots covering East Anglia. The cost of running 6 depots is obviously high, in particular when the energy is being used within peak daylight hours.

When looking at the overheads of the depots, Coates in Peterborough was found to be the highest user of electricity, due to the air source heat pumps used for the under floor heating and therefore was used as a pioneer depot for implementing energy reduction methods. Ben Burgess looked at a number of renewable technologies, they were mostly considered too intrusive. Solar PV seemed to be the most effective option, which would not compromise the depot in terms of space and could be installed with minimal disruption to both the customers and work force.

The Coates depot in Peterborough is a purpose built showroom and servicing centre covering 1,720m2 of floor area. Abel Energy was awarded the contract to install 49.98kWp Solar PV array to the roof of the Coates depot.

The Facts
• 49.98kW grid tied Solar PV System installed to steel box profile sheet roof
• 204 245W Renesola solar panels
• The panels are mounted to a K2 Speed rail system
• 3 SMA Tri 15000 TL-10 Inverters

Feed in Tariff
Following an EPC in accordance with the Micro Generation Certificate Scheme (MCS), Coates was awarded a band B for energy efficiency making the building eligible for the Government Feed in Tariff (FIT) upon the installation of Solar PV. The FIT provides the owner of a renewable technology with a tariff based upon the number of kilo watt hours (kWh) the installation produces. The FIT is paid direct to the owner on a quarterly basis. In addition Ben Burgess receive an Export tariff based upon the amount of surplus energy fed back into the National Grid determined by an export meter. Both the FIT and Export tariff are guaranteed by OFGEM and retail price indexed linked. Abel Energy provides 10 years workmanship warranty with all installations in addition to manufacturers warranty.

“The predominant driving force for choosing PV was to save costs, source sustainable energy and improve our green credentials as a company. Solar PV best suits our needs and the lack of intrusion into the work space area was attractive.”

The Numbers

Figures for Year 1

FIT payment: £4,868
Import Saving: £2,207
Export Income: £957
Total: £8,033
Return on Investment: 17% per annum
Payback period: 5 years

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