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J W Allen

JW Allen & Sons, Asparagus producers in Great Ellingham are set to save £8,144 on their electricity bills, making a 15.69% return on their investment

The Background

JW Allen & Sons are Great Ellingham based Asparagus producers.  The farm was importing 70,00kWh of electricity per year on the high day tariff.  Mr ALle wanted to reduice the amoutn of electritiy being imported by the farm and utilise the Government Feed in Tariff (FIT) to reduce the farm's electrical costs.  The farm consumes the highest amount of electricity during the Asparagus harvest which starts in May through to June.  SOlar PV's optimum months are during the summer, therefore a solar installation was the perfect solution to reduce JW Allen & Sons electricity bill.

A Solar PV system was installed by Abel Energy onto the Asparagus processing building and farm offices.

The Facts

  • 50kW grid tied system installed onto steel box profile sheet roof
  • The array is and east west split design
  • 208 240W Renesola Solar modules
  • 4 SMA STP12000TL Inverters

The system is an East to West split.  The system design will only produce 10% less in total output to that of a south facing system.  Therefore a split system is still a viable long term investment for a high energy consumer.  

JW Allen & Sons installation is eligible for the Government Feed in Tariff (FIT) which was introduced in 2010 to increase the uptake in renewable generation of electricity in line with EU targets.  The FIT is index price linked, regulated by Ofgem and guaranteed by Ofgem.  The FIT offers micro generators a guaranteed price fixed income per kWh of electricty produced by a solar array.  The producer is also paid an export tariff by the electricioty provider based upon the number of kWh exported back into the National Grid.  ALong with the import saving the payback period for a solar array tends to be 6 or 7 years depending on performance.

The farm is consuming 90% of the electricty generated during peak electrical usage, providing Allen & Sons witha great return on their investment.

Mr Allen says "We are consuming 90% of the electricity generated by our 50kW solar PV array"

The Numbers

The Numbers

Abel Energy predict that in Year 1, the installation should generate:

FIT Payment:  £4971

Import Saving: £2622

Export income: £551

Total benefit for Year 1: £8144

Return on Investment: 15.69% return

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