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Micropress Printers

Micropress Printers, Suffolk,are set to earn £12,378 p/a thanks to the RHI as well as an 84% reduction on CO2 

Micropress printers are no strangers to the benefits of renewable technology, following the installation of their 250kW Solar PV system which to date has produced 450,000kWh of electricity since installation in 2011 and is demonstrating energy savings of £40,000 a year. The next natural step for Micropress printers was to look at reducing their dependence on mains gas following the success they had experienced with Solar PV. Micropress printers are high energy consumers, their current heat requirement is 251,000 kilo watt hours (kWh) per annum.
The printers occupies 50,000sq ft of factory floor space used for paper storage and the printers themselves in addition to office space. The paper store requires an ambient temperature of 160c to ensure that the paper does not curl, whilst the office area needed to be heated to a temperature suitable for a working environment.

Abel Energy suggested installing a 100kW Froling P4 wood pellet boiler with a 7.5 tonne blower feed fuel store attached. Froling are an Austrian company, whom design highly efficient automatic ignition and ash removal boilers which require very little human input. The boiler heats water contained in 2800 litre insulated buffer tank which is then circulated throughout the building.

In addition to installing a wood pellet boiler, two multi directional thermostat controlled air-emitters where also fitted to the factory area to utilise the latent heat from the print room to be emitted to the moisture controlled environment of the paper store.

The Facts

  • 100kW Froling P4 Pellet Boiler
  • 7.5 tonne fuel silo
  • 3 1000l Buffer tanks
  • 5 years workmanship guarantee in addition to manufacturer’s warranty


The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced by Government legislation in 2011, with the aim to increase the generation of heat from renewable energy sources such as biomass. The RHI tariff is dependent on the size of technology installed and is paid direct to the heat generator quarterly. The amount paid depends on the number of kWh of heat generated by the system following the submission of a meter reading. The commercial RHI is guaranteed for 20 years, is regulated by OFGEM and retail price indexed linked.

James Cross commented:
“Given that our boiler was nearing the end of its life and the ROI biomass offers thanks to the RHI, it made good business sense for us to install a biomass system. We were thrilled that the system could be fitted in our existing plant room and very little disruption was caused to our 
working operation”

The Numbers

Yearly heat requirement 251,000 kWh

RHI income£12,378 pa
Pay Back5 years
CO2 savings84%
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