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Mr Clabburn

Ken Clabburn, Farmer from Norfolk generated £33,000 last year from Solar PV

"The 86.7kW installations have been a great success by providing a 15% return on my investment.  We have had 5 systems installed that have performed well and have personally recommended Abel Energy to my family and friends."

The Background

Norwich farmer Ken Clabburn is a real convert to solar energy. In June 2011, he asked Abel Energy to install his fifth photovoltaic array, to generate electricity for both his home and his business, and to take advantage of the government’s index-linked Feed In Tariff.

The Installation

Abel Energy installed a 30kw array, consisting of 125 x REC 240watt Polycrystalline solar panels mounted on an aluminium framework which is manufactured to have a 25+ year lifespan. The rack is designed to ensure the array is at the optimum pitch and angle, maximising the performance of the solar panels.

The array is ‘grid tied’: it is connected to the National Grid via Mr Clabburn’s domestic electricity supply, linked via two highly efficient inverters, which convert the solar DC electricity into useable AC electricity.

The array is monitored via wireless Bluetooth monitoring device, giving live updates of the system’s performance.

The Results

For every kWh the system produces, Mr Clabburn receives the government’s ‘Feed In Tariff’, as well as an ‘Export Tariff’ which assumes the system is feeding 50% of what it generates back into the National Grid. Both of these tariffs are guaranteed for 20 years, and are index-linked.

Mr Clabburn is now enjoying a 15% return on his investment.

“The Abel Energy team thoroughly assessed our current energy requirements and have installed a series of systems to both reduce the energy bills for our home and business and provide a good return on investment. The installation was very straightforward. The installers started on time and finished on time. The team provided both a personal touch and attention to detail. I have had five systems installed personally, and have recommended Abel Energy to my family and work colleagues. Chris and his team have a comprehensive understanding of the new and evolving renewable market place, combined with comprehensive knowledge and experience of construction.”

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