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Mr Lewis

Mr Lewis, Wacton House

The Background

Wacton House is a large period property occupied by Mr Lewis and his family. The heating system they inherited when purchasing the peoperty was very unpredictable and having had experience with commercial biomass at their pallet fabrication business, they opted to heat their home and rental property with a biomass system.

Abel Energy installed a 100kW Froling T4 chip boiler at the Lewis' home. The boiler is auger fed from the fuel store limiting the amount of manual labour involved. The T4 is a highly efficient boiler minimising fuel wastage, it also has automatic ash removal.

The Biomass system installed for the Lewis family is eligible for the non domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is guaranteed for 20 years. The RHI is receive quarterly directly to the generator.

The Facts

Froling T4 100kW boiler

3000l insulated buffer 

5 years workmanship guarantee

The Numbers

(Yearly heat requirement 120,000kWh)

Existing fuel cost: £7224pa

Biomass fuel cost: £1200pa

RHI income: £18080pa

Total benefit of installing biomass: £8880pa

Payback: 3 years

CO2 savings: 96%

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