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Mr Mack

Norfolk Farmer is benefiting from a 23% return on investment per annum with a 4 year pay back following the installation of a 200kW wood chip boiler by Abel Energy.

Mr Mack of Grange Farm, Surlingham was heating his 3,000 sq. ft. farm house, 3 rental properties and swimming pool with a combination of oil fired heating, straw and waste wood. Given the age of the boilers on the farm, the expense to run and maintain them, Mr Mack choose to look at
an alternative option to fulfilling his heat requirements.

In December 2014 Abel Energy installed a Froling TX 199kW biomass boiler at Grange Farm. Froling are an Austrian manufacturer specialising in highly efficient boilers. The TX is a wood chip boiler, which in the case of Mr Mack is auger fed from a wood chip store.

Mr Mack is able to claim the Non-Domestic Renewable heat Incentive which is guaranteed by Ofgem for 20years. The quarterly income from the RHI combined with the fuel savings of installing a biomass boilers offers Mr Mack a payback of just 4 years.

The Facts
• Froling TX 199kW boiler
• 5000l Akvaterm buffer tank
• 5 year workmanship guarantee

Mr Mack said: “The boiler is the master of the job, it is simple, easy to operate and has been very reliable.”

The Numbers

(Yearly heat requirement 251,000kWh)

Existing fuel cost: £8,000 pa
Biomass fuel cost: £5,600 pa
RHI income: £16,800 pa
Total benefit of installing biomass: £11,200 pa
Payback: 4 years
CO2 savings: 97%

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