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Mr Catchpole

Mr & Mrs Catchpole, Pond Farm, Norfolk are saving time and money by changing to a Biomass wood chip boiler with a 6 year payback

Farmer and businessman Stephen Catchpole is no stranger to biomass, having already used a straw fired boiler for over 30 years. With high maintenance requirements of the straw boiler and the attractiveness of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff, Mr Catchpole looked to switch to a wood chip alternative.

In March 2015, Abel Energy installed a Herz Firematic HD 199kW biomass boiler at Pond Farm. Herz are an Austrian manufacturer specialising in highly efficient boilers. The Firematic HD is a wood chip boiler, which in the case of Mr Catchpole is auger fed from an adjacent wood chip store.
Mr Catchpole is now able to claim the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is guaranteed by Ofgem for 20 years. The quarterly income from the RHI, combined with the fuel savings of installing a biomass boiler offers Mr Catchpole a payback of just 6 years.

The Facts
Herz Firematic HD 199kW boiler
2 Akvatherm 2500 litre buffer tanks
144m District Heating to House, Barn, Workshop, Meeting Room and Restrooms
5 year workmanship guarantee


Mr Catchpole said: “Abel were really helpful and came up with the comprehensive solution that I was looking for, something I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. I had a straw biomass system before, but wanted to be eligible for RHI. We are now heating two workshops, restrooms, farmhouse, barn and a meeting room from only one source, and no need for any other heating systems.
“The new system also requires far less maintenance; I only need to look at it once a week, whereas the previous boiler had to be checked three times a day."

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