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Mr & Mrs Rout

Mr and Mrs Rout of Cherry Dene Farm Ltd, are expecting an 18% return on their investment

The Background
Cherry Dene Farm Ltd are duck producers based in south east Norfolk. The farm consumes up to 40,000 units of electricity a year running ventilation systems in the duck barns. As members of the British Poultry Council, Mr and Mrs Rout were looking at reducing their dependence on grid-tied electricity, as well as improving their green credentials within the supply chain.

The answer was for Cherry Dene Farm Ltd to micro generate their own electricity using a renewable technology. The farm consumes the majority of its grid tied electricity during daylight hours, therefore the best option for the farm was to install Solar PV onto the roof of the duck barn.

Cherry Dene Farm Ltd is now benefiting from reduced electrical overheads, as well as a secondary tax free income following the installation of their 50kW Abel Energy solar PV array.

The Facts
• 50kW grid tied system installed on a steel box profile roof
• 200 250W monocrystalline panels
• The array is south facing
• The roof pitch is 250 degrees

The installation took 1 week to complete. Planning permission was not required as the system cannot be seen from the road, the site is not in a conservation area and the array doesn’t exceed the roof space. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was required as the barn requires a form of heating. An EPC certificate band D or above is required in order to be eligible for the higher feed in tariff (FIT) rate. 

3 SMA Tripower 17000TL inverters were used. The inverters convert the direct current generated by the array into alternating current to be used by the consumer. Any surplus energy that is not consumed is fed back into the National Grid. As the installation exceeds 30kW in output, an export meter was fitted to calculate the number of units exported back into the grid.

The array is eligible for the Government FIT which is regulated by OFGEM, retail price indexed and guaranteed for 20 years. The FIT provides a tax free secondary income. Both the FIT and export tariff are received direct from the energy supplier for every kilo Watt hour (kWh) produced by the array.

Mrs Rout says: “The installation went well and I would recommend Abel Energy in future”

The Numbers

Abel Energy predict that in Year 1, Mr Raker’s installation should generate:

FIT payment: £6,090
Import Saving: £2,337
Export income: £1,084
Total benefit for 1 year: £9,511
Return on Investment: 18.21% return

*figures are based upon a FIT rate of 13p/kWh and an export tariff of 4.6p/kWh

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