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Abel Energy’s CHP solution can provide heating and electricity for commercial property. We offer acomplete turnkey package's in partnership with Bosch. Our services include: feasibility, design, installation, servicing and maintenance.

Gas CHP can be used for warehousing, workshops, process heat, underfloor heating, offices etc. If you have multiple buildings that require heat we can design a district heating network to suit your needs.

 Bosch CHP units deliver a fast return on investment in several ways:

  • Improved energy efficency, therfore reducing the requirment ro purchase energy from utility companies.
  • Locally generating electricity with a Bosch gas powered CHP is more cost-effective than buying mains electricity as the cost of mains gas is considerably lower.
  • Tax benefits: fuel inputs to CHP are exempt from the Climate Change Levy (CCL)*
  • Money saving: Bosch CHP plant and machinery is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)*
  • Carbon Allowance: qualifies for favourable allocations under Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)*
  • Business Rate Exemption: Bosch CHP power generation plant and machinery is exempt from Business Rates*.

  • *Benefit depends on achieving certain CHPQA quality CHP statuses

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