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Operation and Maintenance

CHP requires a stringent servicing and maintenance plan to ensure the plant is operating efficiently at all times, we provide maintenance packages to suit your needs.

The monitoring systems that we provide are tailored to suit the equipment used and the site conditions, where internet connections are not available through land lines we offer GSM, 3G, 4G and satellite network connections. Alerts can be setup via email, text message and visual/audible alarms to ensure that downtime is minimised.

Bosch optional service contracts

Bosch combined heat and power modules are supported with a choice of optional 10* year service contracts – Premium and Premium Plus – which are designed to offer the user complete peace of mind.
The contracts are transferable with the ownership of the property, and include scheduled engine
overhauls, incorporating parts, labour and engine replacement if necessary, as well as disposing of waste oil in an environmentally friendly manner.
The Premium Plus option is a fully transparent rolling contract, which enables the customer to budget for maintenance and repairs, providing control of the whole life costs of the CHP module from the outset.

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