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Premium quality dried woodchip supplied throughtout East Anglia and London.

Abel Energy supply Premium quality G30/G50 woodchip throughout East Anglia and london. 

Our Chip is sustainably sourced virgin timber, chipped, screened and dried to our consistent specification. We check the moisture content and particulate size of every lorry load of fuel that leaves our depot.

The woodchip has been processed to maximise the energy output, we remove the fine particles and dry the chip to 15-20% moisture content to provide the maximum kWh per tonne. 

We remove the bark prior to processing our chip which significantly reduces the ash content of the wood chip.

The bark contains less energy and a high level of silica (sand) which significantly increases the risk of clinker building up within the boiler.

As part of switching over to our premium fuel we will assist you with ensuring that your boiler is operating at its optimum efficiency. 

We can also supply G50 Woodchip for Biomass CHP dried to less than 10% moisture content. 

BSL Supplier Reference number:  BSL0509143-0001

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