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Solar PV

Discover how our specialists can optimise your investment. At Abel Energy, we’re committed to combining best-in-class project management and customer service with a drive to help you optimise the ROI from your energy projects.

Our team of experts specialises in Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) array installation projects across a range of commercial, industrial and other large-scale applications.

Why use Abel Energy for your Solar PV project?

Specialisation: Our team only works on large-scale commercial, agricultural and industrial installation projects.

Expertise: You can feel confident you are in expert hands with Abel Energy’s highly experienced in-house team of engineers, designers and project managers. They will oversee your project from initial feasibility analysis, through the construction and installation process, along to completion – ensuring you get the right energy solution.

Communication: We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service – ensuring you are always kept informed of your project’s status every step of the way.

Turnkey solution: Your designated project team will ensure optimal component design yield, minimising unnecessary costs and maximising returns on investment with minimum hassle.

Regulatory experience: Our team has a wealth of experience navigating the required regulatory processes with local planning authorities and Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s).

Our Solar team receives a high number of enquiries. Call to get a quote or contact us now and find out how we can help you make the most out of your energy investment.

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