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Peak Shaving

Our specialist energy storage systems team will help you to minimise your energy expenditure.

We will work to analyse your historical energy usage, and to recommend a system which enables you to reduce peak demand in a highly variable system.

We willidentify areas of over-capacity, ensuring that your system runs as efficiently as possible. Our peak shaving systems are fast-responding and emission-free, making them the optimal solution for this application.

We will help you to:

·         Save money on your commercial/industrial electricity bills by reducing peak demand

·         Optimise your operation power generation costs during peak periods

·         Avoid delays in infrastructure investment by providing flatter energy distribution loads with shallower peaks

Abel Energy offerturnkey energy storage systems for power requirements ranging from a few kilowatts to tens of megawatts, and including medium- or high-voltage grid connection. By choosing Abel Energy as your peak shaving system provider, you’ll gain a reliable partner who is focused entirely on optimising your energy expenditure.

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